Franchise Opportunities
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  • “We get great support through the head office. From the formal training to our casual questions, which are always answered, the Right at Home head office staff is always happy to help and work with us to get us what we need. In addition, the feeling of the system is that of a larger team or family. Head office is passionate and outstanding at fostering the team feeling through events and ongoing webinars. We can discuss together. This lends to the feeling that as a Franchisee, we have a voice within the organization.” ~ Laura Greenway-Balnar, Right at Home Guelph

  • “After researching many of the Home Care opportunities in the industry I found that Right at Home Canada offered the most complete and comprehensive program in the market. I personally like their creative and innovative approach. They are constantly looking for new ideas, new concepts and adapting to the always evolving market place. They listen to the Franchisees and the culture is very collaborative.” ~ Tim Hunt, Right at Home London

  • “I wanted to make a difference in helping the community get the best for their loved ones, and to bring peace of mind to clients and families. Right at Home embraces the values of caregiving with a passion. Our company culture of compassion, commitment, integrity, trust and respect, to name a few, is frontline to loved ones, families and staff. Right at Home is consistently looking for innovative services to offer to the community, along with a strong focus on ensuring delivery of Super Service.” ~ Meena Karunaker, Right at Home Brampton

  • “We were attracted to the industry because of a need we saw in our community. There is a large and growing senior population, many of whom need help. It makes us feel great to know that we are needed and appreciated.” ~ Nancy Esson, Right at Home Georgian-Triangle

  • You look back and you say I wouldn't trade this for anything right now.  ~ Allison Aidinovich, Right at Home Franchisee

  • I purchased my Right at Home franchise when I was 31.  At 40 years old, I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world. ~ Paul Blom, Right at Home Franchisee

  • They’re very professional. They’re very experienced and seasoned, and very easy to relate to. I never felt like I asked a dumb question.   They truly want to see people succeed and reach their goals. ~ Tami and Lance Brangham, Right at Home Franchisee

  • It feels like family.  It's that comfortable.  I would say at this point, where we are, life is good. ~ Jacque Herdzina, Right at Home Franchisee

  • There are a lot of organisations out there. This one’s outstanding, excellent.  We could tell right away that the (franchise) agreement was written for the franchisee to be successful. Every other agreement that we had looked at you could tell it was for the franchisor to be successful. ~ Mark & Jeannie Locy, Right at Home Franchisee

  • What words would I use to describe my life as a Right at Home franchisee? Challenging and fulfilling. ~ Eric Hicks, Right at Home Franchisee

  • The system Right at Home has developed really does work.  The best thing about Right at Home is the integrity.  ~ Kirsten Pahde, Right at Home Franchisee
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